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Am I a good coach? * I listen then ask questions * My questioning techniques have the intent of understanding and supporting, rather than...


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(The Daily Avocado)The Daily Avocado is an interactive website magazine containing articles that I've written for various publications as we...


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Sisi Positif PHKoleh Dion Juanda Gibran Pemutusan Hubungan Kerja (PHK) saat ini sepertinya menjadi sesuatu yang menakutkan bagi sebagian o...



Lost in Bhutan (For the rest of the article read my blog: 'Lost in Bhutan' on time to time I get the ur...


Lesson On Not Being Selfish

ParodzongI remembered when I was sick in bed one day and had to miss school. There was a virus going round that time and for some reason or another I caught it. Being unwell and having to skip classes was not something that often happened to me, as I was generally a pretty healthy child and a good schoolgirl who actually enjoyed school and learning new things!

However, what made this insignificant incident stick in my mind was not the fact that I got sick but what my father said to me as I lay stretched on my back feeling poorly and a little sorry for myself. In his kind voice, though somewhat more pragmatic than sympathetic, he said something along this line: ‘try not to be sick because when you’re sick you’re very selfish. People who get themselves sick means they can’t look after themselves and it’s unfair and a bother to other people who have to make time and effort to look after them.’



A Romantic JourneyThis has been another eventful week for me, although being in the media I cannot really remember the last time there really was nothing very much going on. As a matter of fact, as I’ve often pointed out, things are moving so fast these days that there often is very little time to absorb what’s going on let alone trying to figure out the meaning.

The one thing that is happening with increasing frequency is the number of people either getting sick or dying around me. Of course, this just goes to show that I am getting on in years or people are disappearing faster from the planet at a younger age than normal.

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