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Bad English Don't major in English. If you love studying English, there's nothing wrong with that. Just be aware that English majors generally don't earn very much. Six of the top ten list of majors with the highest salaries are engineering majors, with chemical engineering topping the list.
Get Nutty Now Nuts are good for you. If you’re counting calories, research shows that nuts aren't linked to weight gain.
What to do in an Earthquake If you're indoors: Stay indoors when tremors start. Get under a sturdy table, desk or bed, or stand in a doorway or an inside corner next to an interior wall: Keep away from windows, mirrors, glass, bookcases, light fittings, tall cabinets and fireplaces. If you're outdoors: Get into an open area; avoid buildings, walls, power lines and trees: If you're in a car, stop - but stay inside until the tremors stop. Avoid bridges and power lines.


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